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3 Super Simple Father's Day Crafts

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Father's day will be here before we know it and with the pandemic going on heading to the store can still be difficult. Generally kids make crafts while they are in school but that is not happening for the rest of this year. So if you are at a loss as to what your children should get Dad for Father's Day, get creative and make some homemade crafts.

As an added bonus, making something by hand is such a great way to show you care. These craft ideas are very simple and do not require a lot of materials. Most of the items you will need are probably laying around your house already so no need to run to the store.

1.) Recycled Can Pencil Holder

This craft is simple and can be very useful too. If dad has a desk job he can use this neat little keepsake to hold his office supplies.

Start by cleaning out a an empty can out. Cut some construction paper to fit the outside and inside of the can. Let your child draw and decorate the paper in whatever fashion they choose. Glue or tape the paper to the can and voila! Super easy and cute gift for dad!

If you want another craft idea using recycled cans check out this DIY vase project.

2.) Memory Art Book

Now I featured this craft idea in my Mother's Day post last month but this works just as well for Father's Day. You can either make some new artwork for this project or gather up some pieces your child already made that's laying around. Personally in my house we are always doing crafts and it seems like my child's drawings are all over the place.

Use a sheet of colorful construction paper for the cover and 2-3 blank sheets for the inside pages. I used a basic stapler to bind the book, then add your artwork. Glue your pieces to the pages throughout the book and decorate around them with some embellishments. A really cute thing to add is a list of questions that you ask your child about Dad. Write down the questions and answers in the card book (no cheating!).

Here are ten examples of questions you could ask your child for this project:

  • What is Daddy really good at?

  • How do you know Dad loves you?

  • What makes you proud of your Dad?

  • What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

  • What makes Dad happy?

  • How does Dad make you laugh?

  • What is something that is super silly that Dad does?

  • What is Dad's favorite food?

  • Where is your Dad's favorite place to go?

  • What is your favorite memory with Dad?

3.) Best Dad Award

What person doesn't like an award in recognition for all of their hard work? Give Dad a homemade medal craft for being such an awesome father that he can show off. This craft only requires a paper plate, some paint, scrapes of construction paper and tape.

Start by having your kiddo paint the back of the paper plate with some yellow paint. We added a little bit of gold glitter paint as well to give it a little bit more shine. Using some small scrapes of construction paper in any color you like, cut out the ribbon pieces and then tape them to the unpainted side of the plate. After the paint dries you can use more paint to write a special message to Dad or even use a marker.

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